Our Vision

A Connection to the Land


We’ve made it our mission to create a thriving agricultural district in the heart of Northern Virginia.

People go to the grocery store, or they go to a restaurant and they order up a nice steak and a baked potato and some vegetables, and they have a bottle of wine, and maybe the kids have some milk, but the people are separated from an understanding of where these food products come from.

In the Mid-Atlantic, agriculture has gone dormant. I won’t say it has died, as a lot of people do. It’s been dormant. But at the bottom line, wine and cheese, everything you eat or consume, at its fundamental level is agriculture.

Historically people supported their own agriculture. In fact, in Europe it’s very much local food is what you eat and local wines are what you drink. I mean really, the Bordelaise, they don’t drink Burgundy. And the Burgundians don’t drink Bordeaux.

We’re working to bring local food back to a public who is yearning to have a connection with the land, to know where their food is coming from, to be able to answer the question, “Where does this come from?” Well, it comes from right here in Loudoun County, Virginia.


Jennifer McCloud


Ag District Center