Locksley Farmstead Cheese Co.

Hand-Crafted, Artisanal Cheese From Our Farm to Your Table


We believe…

..that the highest quality cheese is a result of carefully tended land and a happy, healthy herd. Our attention to detail is present at every step throughout the cheesemaking process, creating a taste that reflects the hard work and exceptional care we put into our products.

We currently produce cheddar, gouda, washed rind, fromage blanc and camembert cheeses from dairy cows raised at The Ag District, a 412-acre sustainable working farm in the heart of the Bull Run Mountains in western Loudoun County, Virginia.

Locksley Farmstead Cheese Company raises Brown Swiss, Jersey, Black and Red Holstein, and American Milking Devon dairy cows using sustainable farming practices. Progressive grazing techniques, harvesting our own hay baleage, and supplementing the cows’ diet with grape pomace left over from our sister company, Chrysalis Vineyards, all contribute to the rich fat content and delectable flavor of the milk our herd produces. Meticulous recipes from our master cheesemaker ensure that all our hard effort to produce quality milk results in unique high-flavor, high-quality cheese for our customers.

Our farming method is 100% focused on our cows. We measure our performance by cow comfort, longevity, and health rather than just output. In short, happy cows make the best milk, which makes the best cheese!