Chrysalis Vineyards

Award-winning Wines in Northern Virginia

Norton Aerial (JM edited from GoPro).jpg

Virginia’s Native Grape

In the 1873 Vienna Universal Exhibition, a Norton wine was lauded as the best red wine of all nations, winning broad acclaim from the international judges. It won other gold medals in Paris and around the world, as well… and then Prohibition happened. And it almost died out.

“Hmm… Norton. I had never heard of it. And then when I learned it was native, that it came from Virginia, I thought, ‘Wow, what a great concept!’ The idea of being involved in the restoration of this quintessentially American grape, Norton, excited my imagination.” – Jennifer McCloud

And we’ve done it! This native grape is not just thriving at The Ag District, but excelling here in the largest planting of Norton in the world. This heirloom gem consistently produces premium quality red wines of great character, mouthfeel, and intensity, and, being a native plant, it’s highly disease-resistant, able to be cultivated with minimal environmental impact. In fact, Norton is the most disease-resistant grape grown commercially in the world, whether for wine, the table, or raisins.

Visit our Tasting Room at The Ag District and sample some of our Norton wines, including Barrel Select 100% Virginia Norton; Estate Bottled Norton; Schitz and Giggels, a light-bodied Norton; Sarah’s Patio Red, a Norton rosé; Buttorfleoge, a Norton Pét Nat sparkling wine; and, of course, Locksley Reserve Norton, Chrysalis Vineyards’ flagship wine. And for dessert, don’t forget Borboleta, one of the world’s few Norton ports.