Our Cheeses

Locksley Farmstead Cheeses are available for purchase at the Ag District Center.

Online shop coming soon.

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Little John

A stirred curd cheddar, Little John is firm but creamy with a nice sharpness. Aged at least six months.

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Friar Tuck

This spreadable fromage blanc boasts flavors of young cream with a bold tang and a salty finish. Friar Tuck is made fresh weekly from 100% whole milk.

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Maid Marian

With its earthy, mushroomy aromas, this camembert cheese is similar in flavor to a brie, but offers deeper, stronger flavors in a spreadable texture.

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Boasting a smooth texture, Nottingham is mild and sweet with notes of toasted hazelnuts and butter.

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Prince John

This washed-rind cheese has a soft, silky texture that delivers a mild, meaty, savory flavor accented with hints of fruit and nuts. This “stinky” cheese, has a pungent natural barnyard aroma.