Little River Bake House

Eat at The Ag District, or Take it Home!


Dining at the Ag District

Located below the tasting room at the Ag District Center, the Little River Bakehouse kitchen prepares fresh food on weekends and holidays for guests to the property, using the freshest ingredients possible— most produced right from our own farmland!

Friday through Sunday the brick oven is fired up in its own separate Bakehouse building and the dough is brought up from the kitchen where it’s rested overnight to develop incredible flavor and texture. We then hand-toss our pizzas, top them with The Monk mozzarella that’s made fresh on site every week, add any other gourmet ingredients called for, and serve them piping hot to you. Once you’ve tried our pizzas, you’ll be spoiled for anything else.

Come visit our land, taste some wine, and enjoy a meal from the Little River Bakehouse!