Wine Tasting 101


April Showers Bring May Flowers... and spring bursting all around us. It is the perfect time to get out and enjoy some wine tasting! Some of our guests ask if there is a right way to taste wine. The answer is No! However you enjoy wine tasting is the “right” way. This month we are sharing some hints to help you gain the most enjoyment and knowledge from wine tasting with us. Please be sure to ask any of our knowledgeable tasting room associates for more helpful hints or perhaps share some of yours with us!

Although winemakers will claim that a wine has certain flavors like blueberries, citrus, or even dirt, wines aren’t actually “flavored” with anything. The flavors come from the grapes and the process. Infused wines, meaning wines that have been mixed with other fruit juices, are actually flavored.

  • The first stage of wine tasting is looking over the appearance of the wine. Noting the color and viscosity with your eyes can give an idea of how the wine may taste. For reds, give the glass a quick swirl and hold it up to the light: bolder varieties, like Cabernet and Zinfandel, will leave telltale ‘legs’ that stream down the inside of the glass.

  • The second stage is called “in glass,” meaning that the aroma is noted. Don’t be shy— wine experts stick their nose deep into the glass in order to pick up the complex nuances.

  • The first aromas to hit the nose are associated with aspects of the grapes, while later aromas are connected to the winemaking process and how the wine aged.

  • Take a small sip of wine in order to get a good taste. Don’t glug, at least not yet. Roll the wine around your mouth with your tongue and note the different flavors. Pursing your lips and inhaling some air while the wine is still on your palate is also a nice way to spread the more complex flavors through your sinuses.

  • After swallowing, note the aftertaste, which is likely different from how the wine tasted when it first hit your tongue. Draw some conclusions—was this wine too acidic? Too sweet? Too alcoholic?

  • If you want to be a true connoisseur, write down notes. Record the winery, the grape variety, the year, and your thoughts: that way, if you want to return to the same vintage later, you’ll have a solid base point for how your tastes have evolved.

Please come join us for a relaxing time, grab a bottle (or two), some fresh made cheese and some delicious pizza!!