Spring on the Farm

1807 - Report from the Farm pic.jpg

Spring in Virginia is really something to behold. I have decided to make a list of a few things I love about it!

  • Daffodil leaves pushing up fallen leaves in a race to bear the first flower of Spring

  • A newborn calf, reposed in a patch of mint, batting it’s long, wet eyelashes against the sun

  • Cows heel-kicking and running tail-high through a gate to pasture Milk that tastes like onion grass

  • Rolling a fresh dandelion stem between my fingers

  • Cattle strewn about motionless, stretched out left side up to catch the sun

  • The squeak of heavily dewed grass as it’s chewed by a cow Wind whipping through trees at a changed pitch as trees begin to bud and leaf

The list goes on and on. Things are always busy, but we can all better connect to our surroundings and appreciate the beauty around us by taking just a moment to ourselves.