Rosé Renaissance

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The sun is shining, birds are singing, flowers and trees are blooming and we are ready to enjoy all of this while sipping on our favorite rosé, our very own Mariposa. The name itself means butterfly in Spanish which automatically brings to mind the beautiful butterflies that inhabit our grounds here at the Ag District throughout the spring and summer months.

Rosé wine has become very popular in the last few years and with good reason. Rosés can be paired with fresh from the grill meals, spicy Indian dishes, desserts or simply enjoyed alone. Our Mariposa dazzles the pallet with fresh strawberry and cherry flavors. The beautiful rich pink color is created by allowing the juice to soak with the skins. As soon as the winemaker sees the pretty pink they are looking for they remove the skins and the juice is then allowed to ferment. This always results in our Mariposa having the beautiful deep pink color we all love so much. There is no mistaking the influence of our Norton in our Mariposa once it is bottled and that perfect pink wine has been captured in the bottle for us to enjoy and share with all of you.

Mariposa will be back as one of our tasting selections soon and we can’t wait to share this newest vintage with you.